Surpassing, going beyond is the goal of EBO projects. A mix of art, study, skillful manual abilities and a heavy dose of imagination that brings beyond the common concept of furniture. You do not stop at what you see, you aim at what you feel.


Imagination gives us all the power to change the shape of something. An object is no longer a single furnishing accessory, but it is what we want to see in it, what satisfies our mind.


Our mind allows us to shape what we have in our hands or in front of us. Making something appear different, changing its shape to satisfy our senses and our needs is what particular furnishing accessories can help to achieve.


The concept of transmutation identifies the possibility or the will to change the face of an object. It is overturned, it abandons its meaning and its purpose to embrace a different concept that gives it a new life.


With imagination one can move elsewhere, travel to a world which is different and completely ours. Reality can be surpassed thanks to a means within reach, be it a cushion or a work of art.


An object, a  furnishing complement, is also a vehicle. As such not only does it help us and our mind to travel, but it also allows us to communicate with others.  A sharing of feeling and sensations that brings with it the intimate conviviality typical of the living room, in every place and at every moment.

EBO creates products with fine fabrics and a tailoring executive ability embellished with high quality details and finishings.

EBO creates unique pieces, with the possibility, upon request, to be reproduced in different colours and materials.

EBO creates tailor-made and customized projects, designed to meet specific and particular needs, for any type of environment.

EBO is a union of artisanal quality and artistic culture.

EBO is the brainchild of Eliana Borgonovo, set designer who, in this project treats to everyday life as the stage of life.